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Reporting censurable conditions for employees at UiO (whistleblowing)

UiO should be a safe and open workplace for everyone. If you see or experience any censurable conditions or behaviour at UiO, we would like you to tell us about it.

Who can you turn to for advice?

The UiO has several people who provide support to whom you can turn for advice before you formally report any reprehensible behaviour.

Report now

Submit a report

Tell us using our online form, or contact your line manager and explain the situation either verbally or in writing.

The reporting process – step by step

Preventative work

Your employer has a duty to prevent harassment and inappropriate behaviour in the workplace. 


Here you find the relevant legislation, reporting procedures and the UiO’s internal guidelines.

Handling reported cases

Information for people working on cases  of censurable conditions which have been reported in the reception system.