Global UiO - International collaboration

Through cooperation across academic, institutional and national boundaries, we will develop knowledge that contributes to a sustainable world.

Our global engagement

The University of Oslo aims to make a significant contribution to the knowledge base that is needed in order to address major global challenges.

Strategic collaboration

UiO aims to enhance the quality of research, education and innovation through long-term strategic partnerships with world-leading universities and active participation in international university networks.

How to collaborate with us

  • Research collaboration
  • Student mobility
  • Funding for collaboration
  • Collaboration in education
  • Joint degrees
  • Request a visit

Prioritised countries and regions

Collaboration in research and education with our priority partner countries and regions. Find relevant researchers and research projects.


International co-publications 2014-2019

See the number of UiO publications with international co-authors 2014-2019.


Contact information

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