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dScience Lunch Seminar: Digital Twins

Welcome to our second dScience lunch seminar! Grab some lunch and join us for a talk on digital twins by David Cameron, center coordinator at SIRIUS.

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David Cameron is Coordinator for the SIRIUS Center for Scalable Data-Access, hosted by the University of Oslo. He was trained as a Chemical Engineer at the University of Sydney and earned his doctorate, again in Chemical Engineering, at the University of Cambridge. He joined the University of Oslo in 2015, following a career in corporate research, software development, consultancy and management in BHP, Norsk Hydro, Kongsberg Group, IBM and Sopra Steria. His research interests are in the representation, simulation and optimization of the engineering and operations of industrial plants for metallurgy, oil & gas and chemicals.


11:45 – Doors open and lunch is served

12:15 – “The Science of Digital Twins", David Cameron (Center Coordinator, SIRIUS)

13:00 – Mingling (and goodbye)

To participate, please fill out the registration form by November 24. This way, we will not be short on food and drinks! (Registration is not binding and you are welcome to join us anyway!)

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The Science of Digital Twins

The Digital Twin has become a hype word when we talk about computers and digitalization. Marketers, technology companies, consultants and government all talk about the need to build and deploy digital twins.
This talk tries to demystify the hype and show how digital twins can be used to support science and catalyze fundamental scientific research. We will start from the engineering and implementation-focused definition of digital twins. This allows us develop a working model of digital twins that provides a hype-free basis for thinking about twins. We will then explore two aspects of the science of digital twins. The first of these is “Science for Twins”: the fundamental research that is needed to build good digital twins. The other is “Twins for Science”: how scientific researchers can use digital twins to improve the effectiveness, creativity and accuracy of their research.  We will conclude by sketching a digital twin research agenda in the dScience centre that promotes the development of both Twins for Science and Science for Twins.

About the seminar series

Once a month, dScience will invite you to join us for lunch, soft drinks and professional talks at the Science Library. In addition to these, we will serve lunch to PhD candidates in our lounge in Kristine Bonnevies hus every Thursday. Due to limited space (40 people), this will be first come, first served. See how to find us here (download).

Our lounge can also be booked by PhDs and Postdocs on a regular basis, whether it is for a meeting or just to hang out – we have fresh coffee all day long! Read more about the series and the upcoming program here.


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